Dilsher Khan

Resident of Satna (Madhya Pradesh)
Age - 43 years
Profession - Welder
Education - MA and wants to Pursue PhD

Dilsher Khan is a welder, manufacturing agricultural tools in Satna (Madhya Pradesh), and has been a lover of birds and nature since childhood.

In 2002, he started monitoring vultures after he learnt about their decline and is also working towards creating awareness with regard to the conservation of vultures.

He travels extensively showing films to villagers on vultures and the dangers of using diclofenac on cattle, which is one of the primary causes of the vulture population declining.

He has received little scientific guidance or funding from any national or international agency. He has been using money from his business to carry out the surveys, and the only support he gets is from his wife who accompanies him and photographs the vultures, the local villagers, volunteers and forest officers.

Nature Forever Society salutes Dilsher Khan for the work he has undertaken for the conservation of vultures. With people like him around, there is still some hope left for vultures.

His dream is to establish a "Vulture Restaurant" where he can provide them with diclofenac free food and conduct long term monitoring of vultures.